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Mercedes-Benz Eqa

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Mercedes-Benz EQA SUV (2021 - )

Mercedes launched its EQ electric sub-brand with the EQC, a medium-sized SUV. Now we have the that car’s smaller sibling, the EQA, which is based on the petrol-powered GLA. It’s smooth, comfortable and prestigious but – word to the wise – unlike most electric cars Mercedes EQ models seemingly lack the facility to programme your charging times, so unless you have a timer function on your domestic wallbox you will not be able to take advantage of overnight off-peak energy tariffs. Given this is a major cost saving benefit for EV drivers it seems a glaring oversight.
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We’ve had to dock a huge amount of kudos from the Mercedes EQA in running costs because, as we mentioned in the introduction, there is no chargingtimer on the EQA. So, unless your wallbox at home has its own timer (ours doesn’t), you won’t be able to take advantage of your own off-peak tariff, unless you stay up until midnight every night to plug it in to charge. This is plainly ridiculous - only Mercedes and MG don’t offer a charging timer on their cars, and it means the total cost of ownership increases significantly, wiping out a major attraction of running an electric car. To put some numbers against that most off-peak electricity tariffs at home cost 20-26p per kWh in the day, a figure that can fall as low as 4-6p per kWh midnight-5am. Charge your car at night, and it will cost you roughly a fifth of what it costs in the day. Multiply that by seven nights a week, and you can see the difference in price.

That rather major issue aside, other running costs - road tax/VED, Benefit in Kind for company car users, servicing, congestions charge - all remain very low.

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With 22 new and 21 used Mercedes-Benz Eqa cars available on Free Trader UK, we have the largest range of cars for sale across the UK.

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AMG Line
£46,000 to £61,140
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EQA 250
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EQA 300
£49,850 to £54,795
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EQA 350
£52,913 to £56,635
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£46,577 to £47,225
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