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Erin Baker

Erin spent most of her career as a motoring journalist on The Daily Telegraph. She has a motorbike licence, regularly appears on the BBC as a talking head and used to have a race licence, which she forgot to renew. Still enjoys fast cars, but spends most of her free time driving round four kids in a SUV.

More about Erin Baker

Erin has been a motoring journalist since 2003. She was the Motoring Editor at the Telegraph Media Group for four years, during which time she got her race licence and bike licence. She then had kids, which effectively meant she kissed goodbye to driving any sexy two-seater sports cars.

In 2014 she became Managing Director of Motoring at the Telegraph, a hybrid role that brought together various editorial and commercial aspects. She then left the Telegraph in 2016 to pursue a freelance career, primarily as a motorsport marketing consultant at the Goodwood estate. She also became Automotive Editor of Robb Report UK, and the Editor of Dream, Honda’s customer magazine.

In 2017, Erin was appointed as Editorial Director at Free Trader UK. She is a strong advocate of content which de-mystifies the car world, by replacing insider jargon with plain English. She believes in a gender-neutral car industry, and has found her spiritual home at Free Trader UK.

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