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Best hybrid cars 2022

Not everyone is yet ready to go fully electric and hybrids offer a perfect halfway house – here are our favourites

Hybrid cars range from electrically assisted petrol or diesel models capable of running for a mile or two on pure electric power to full plug-in models (or PHEVs) that can cover up to 40 miles or so on the battery alone. Then there are so-called mild hybrids, which upgrade the starter motor and battery to assist the petrol or diesel engine to improve the performance of the start-stop system and all-round efficiency.
Really, only a plug-in hybrid offers the sort of true electric/fuel experience most drivers think of when they think hybrid. They offer big benefits for company-car drivers on a Benefit in Kind tax system, though you'll need a domestic charging point to make real savings on petrol or diesel. Here, we look at some of the best hybrid cars out there in 2022. If you’re considering a fully-electric car (and there’s a lot going for them too), then take a look at our Best Electric Cars round-up here.

Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid

A 2.9-litre V6 petrol engine plus electric motor equals 544 horsepower for the electrically assisted Flying Spur, enough for 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds. More importantly, Bentley swears this mammoth saloon will be good for 25 miles of pure electric driving and will cover 435 miles on one tank of fuel. We drive it in January.
Read the review here or find a Bentley Flying Spur for sale on Free Trader UK

Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer PHEV

Vauxhall is looking great these days, with lots of shiny silver detailing, glossy black surfaces, sleek LED lights and vibrant body colours. The Sports Tourer is the estate version of new Astra hatchback and has a surprising amount of room inside. Expect 225 horsepower form the top version and front seats designed to support dodgy backs.

Kia Sportage PHEV

Wow, what a redesign for this popular family SUV. Expect generous electric-only range mated to a frugal petrol engine for the plug-in hybrid version, or you can also buy a mild hybrid version, which lowers emissions but doesn’t give you any significant electric only driving. Big new touchscreens will provide all the tech and access to safety systems.
Find a Kia Sportage for sale on Free Trader UK

Lexus NX450h+ PHEV

The astonishing figure here is the electric-only for the plug-in hybrid version. More than 40 miles is possible, which makes this one of the best PHEVs out there. A 2.5-litre petrol engine, a battery and Lexus’s CVT transmission (an automatic but with a smooth, whirry character due to the lack of actual gears) make for one hell of a refined drive.
Find a Lexus NX for sale on Free Trader UK

McLaren Artura

The problem with batteries is they add weight to cars, so McLaren has been waiting until it could find a way to incorporate the technology without ruining its USP of light weight. And here it is, albeit delayed until 2022 due to unspecified software issues. A turbocharged petrol V6 and electric motor provides 680 horsepower and 0-62mph in exactly three seconds. You might get 20 miles of electric driving, or not.

Nissan Qashqai e-Power

This is a range-extender hybrid, where a petrol engine is used to help power the motors, negating the need for a big, heavy battery. In practice, it means it feels like an electric car, because motors are driving the wheels, but with power coming from petrol, which should give owners peace of mind regarding range anxiety.
Read the review here or find a Nissan Qashqai for sale on Free Trader UK

Honda Civic

The new Civic hatchback comes with hybrid power only, which is already used in the Jazz, HR-V and CR-V. The first two models use a 1.5-litre petrol engine and two electric motors while the CR-V uses a larger 2.0-litre engine. We’d guess the Civic will use the 1.5 but we’ll see. Meanwhile, we await details of the Type R hot hatch version. It looks like it will be petrol, but we’d love to see it go all-electric.
Find a Honda Civic for sale on Free Trader UK

Mazda2 Hybrid

While the updated Mazda2 range includes a mild hybrid to offer a subtle electric boost and improve overall efficiency it will soon be joined by a full hybrid version, marketed in the parlance as a ‘self-charging hybrid’ on the basis it offers limited electric only range of a mile or two before the petrol engine kicks in. You can’t plug it in to charge (hence the ‘self-charging bit) but it can do nearly 75mpg by official stats and if you think it looks familiar that’s because this Mazda2 is actually part of a partnership with Toyota and, effectively, a rebadged Yaris.
Read the review here or find a Mazda2 for sale on Free Trader UK

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