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Car jargon explained

There are a lot of terms used in the car industry that can be confusing. Whether it's a new piece of car safety or entertainment technology, or how a car works, our experts are here to explain it all.

  • Tyre sizes explained

    Are you one of the many Brits that doesn’t have a clue how to check your tyre size? Or maybe you just can’t quite remember what all the different...

    Advice 2 months ago

  • Motability scheme

    Find out whether you're eligible for the Motability scheme, how you can order your car, and what's included in your regular payments.

    Feature 4 months ago

  • Electric vehicle terms explained

    Considering an electric car? We explain all the electric acronyms and jargon in one place, so you can start shopping in confidence.

    Feature 10 months ago

  • Approved used car scheme: benefits and deals

    Top-quality, manufacturer-guaranteed approved used cars can take much of the anxiety out of buying a second-hand car, but are approved used cars...

    Advice 1 year ago

  • Bad credit and car finance

    Bad credit doesn’t prevent you getting car finance. Here, we look at your car finance and leasing options if you have a bad credit rating.

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Electric car batteries explained

    Your jargon-free guide to how electric car batteries actually work, how to look after them, how long they last and how electric car batteries are...

    Feature 1 year ago

  • How to... charge an electric car

    Where to charge your electric car, how much it'll cost, how often you need to do it and more. All in one place.

    Feature 1 year ago

  • Electric car range anxiety – EV range on a single charge

    Range anxiety is common with electric cars. Read more about the average electric car range and how far an EV can go on a single charge.

    Feature 1 year ago

  • Private Number Plates

    Everything you'd want to know about private number plates, all in one place.

    Advice 1 year ago

  • Car Leasing Jargon Buster

    Need to improve your understanding of car leasing and make sure you're getting the right car leasing deal for you? Here's car leasing jargon...

    Guide 2 years ago

  • What is car wrapping?

    Fancy changing the look of your car, but don’t want a full paint respray? Car wrapping is a great way to refresh your car’s appearance.

    Guide 2 years ago

  • Self-Driving Cars

    The complete guide to self-driving and driverless cars in the UK, including self-driving cars on sale now.

    Feature 2 years ago

  • What is tyre speed rating?

    A tyre speed rating shows the maximum speed a tyre is legally approved for. Learn where to find it, how to test it and more in Free Trader UK’s...

    Guide 3 years ago

  • What are LED and xenon car lights?

    Many modern cars come with xenon or LED lights, and, in some cases, both. But what are they and how do car headlights work?

    Advice 3 years ago

  • Cars with Apple CarPlay

    If you’re looking to buy your next car, you might want to know if it has Apple CarPlay connectivity available. Many cars across all budgets now come...

    Advice 3 years ago

  • Company cars: everything you need to know

    Whether you've already had several company cars, or are looking to get your first one, we answer all the questions you might have, including what a...

    Advice 3 years ago

  • What are Category S and Category N cars?

    Learn the difference between Category S and Category N cars, whether you can drive them after they’ve been written off and what you should consider...

    Advice 3 years ago

  • What is a crossover car?

    You may have heard how well SUVs and crossover cars are selling, but wondered what they are. Let us help...

    Advice 3 years ago

  • The range explained... Kia

    Don't know your Stonic from your Sportage, or your Venga from your Carens? Then let our handy guide inform you about everything from Korean carmaker...

    Feature 3 years ago

  • What is AdBlue?

    Whatever car you drive, you might have seen AdBlue at a fuel station and wondered what on earth it is, and whether you need it… here’s all you need...

    Advice 3 years ago

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