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  • Why even rally cars are going hybrid

    500 horsepower hybrid rally cars based on familiar hatchbacks and crossovers may be the most spectacular electrified motorsport yet

    Feature 4 days ago

  • Living with a used electric car: how much do EVs cost to charge?

    Are used electric cars worth buying? Let’s look at how much they cost, how far they can travel, and what it’s like to live with the cheapest used EV...

    Feature 1 month ago

  • Electric car conversions

    Get up close with classic electric car conversions, and find out how much it'd cost to convert your own car into electric.

    Feature 1 month ago

  • Common electric car myths busted

    Rory Reid busts some of the biggest myths surrounding electric cars, from how much they cost to how green they really are. Get some fun EV facts to...

    Feature 2 months ago

  • Electric vehicles currently in stock

    If you’re ready to buy an electric car, but aren’t sure where to start, here’s where you can go and who you can talk to.

    Feature 3 months ago

  • No Time To Die: Limited edition Aston Martin Vantage 007 and Spectre Defenders available on Free Trader UK

    Bond fans and classic car lovers are in for a treat, as rare James Bond memorabilia vehicles appear on Free Trader UK just as the new James Bond movie...

    Feature 3 months ago

  • Motability scheme

    Find out whether you're eligible for the Motability scheme, how you can order your car, and what's included in your regular payments.

    Feature 4 months ago

  • How to sell a car

    How to sell your car in 2021, including our top tips for a quick sale and a good price.

    Feature 5 months ago

  • How green are electric cars?

    For World Earth Day, we take a look how environmentally friendly electric cars really are when it comes to producing them and keeping them on the...

    Feature 9 months ago

  • Five reasons the Jaguar E-type still matters

    Jaguar’s iconic sports car was unveiled 60 years ago today and caused a sensation that still hasn’t died down – here’s why

    Feature 10 months ago

  • Electric vehicle terms explained

    Considering an electric car? We explain all the electric acronyms and jargon in one place, so you can start shopping in confidence.

    Feature 10 months ago

  • Top 10 car videos of 2020

    With 2020 coming to a close, we’ve put together a year-end countdown of the 10 best car videos that you’ve loved the most this year.

    Feature 1 year ago

  • Christmas gifts for car lovers 2021

    Updated for 2021: the best Christmas gifts for the car lovers in your life. Don't leave it until the last minute, or yule be sorry.

    Feature 1 year ago

  • Best British Cars 2020

    Buying locally opens up a wider range of options than you might have expected - here's our pick of the best British-built cars

    Feature 1 year ago

  • Best luxury cars 2020

    Fancy a taste of indulgence? Here's our pick of the luxury car field, taking in the very finest limos, sports cars SUVs and more

    Feature 1 year ago

  • Most menacing cars 2020

    Best viewed from behind the sofa, we look at some of the most menacing and macabre cars of 2020.

    Feature 1 year ago

  • Scariest Cars from the Screen

    Meet the four-wheeled fear mongers of film, the true terrors of TV, the creepiest cars ever to grace our screens!

    Feature 1 year ago

  • Halloween: Trick or treat technology in cars

    The good, the bad and the ugly. This Halloween, we take a look at the top five tricks and treats in car technology.

    Feature 1 year ago

  • Hybrid cars explained

    Your questions on hybrid cars answered. From how they work to how much they really cost to run, learn more about the different types of hybrid and...

    Feature 1 year ago

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