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Common electric car myths busted

Rory Reid busts some of the biggest myths surrounding electric cars, from how much they cost to how green they really are. Get some fun EV facts to tell your friends!

We’ve heard it all lately: electric cars are boring, they cost too much, the range still isn’t up to scratch. Is any of that actually true?
Rory Reid took to our social channels to bust some of the biggest myths around electric cars. If you’re unsure about the infrastructure or wondering if they’re really that green – you’ll get your answers here.

Myth One: The range isn’t good enough

Range anxiety is the worry your electric car will run out of power before you reach your destination.
Modern electric cars have a range of around 200 miles, and the average driver travels around 20 miles a day, so on the surface you’re more than catered for – but is that enough?

Myth Two: They cost too much

A quick glance at the sticker prices will show you petrol or diesel cars still cost less to buy than electric, but once you take the lower cost of running an electric car, reduced tax and other perks into consideration, you can end up with a very different story.
Compare the total cost of owning an electric car to a petrol model.

Myth Three: The charging infrastructure isn’t good enough

In a petrol, diesel or hybrid, you know you’re never far from a fuelling station and that you can get topped up in 10 minutes. But in an electric, there’s the fear that you won’t be able to charge it when you’re out and about, or that you’ll get stranded on a long journey because the infrastructure isn’t quite ready. But is that really the case these days? And how will you cope if you can’t regularly charge at home?

Myth Four: They’re not actually environmentally friendly

We know electric cars are better for air quality and tailpipe emissions, but how does their carbon footprint measure against an ICE vehicle once we take production and fuel into consideration?
The surprising answer is that, while producing an electric car does result in a larger carbon footprint, their impact shrinks over time and, after a few years, your old ICE vehicles end up having the worst impact overall. Confused? Don’t be, Rory explains it right here.

Myth Five: They’re boring

Electric cars may lack the dramatic soundtrack of a roaring V8 engine, but they’re far from boring.
Even the best internal combustion engines have to spin at a few thousand RPM before they give their best, but an electric car? It’s all there from the moment you get on the throttle. That level of performance – available in even the most modest electric cars and capable of reaching frankly nauseating levels in some higher-end EVs – means electric cars are a whole new breed of beast.

Myth Six: Something better will come along

Are electric cars really the solution, or will something better come along?
The stars are certainly aligning for EVs. Manufacturer investment means we’re getting more choice, and more innovation, than ever. Pushes from the government and regulators mean we’re heading towards a more expansive and accessible infrastructure than ever. Will another contender, perhaps hydrogen fuel cell cars, surprise us? Rory explores the options, but whatever the answer ends up being – we’re headed into an exciting new chapter in automotive history.

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