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Living with a used electric car: how much do EVs cost to charge?

Are used electric cars worth buying? Let’s look at how much they cost, how far they can travel, and what it’s like to live with the cheapest used EV on Free Trader UK.

New: watch part four now!
The cost of charging an electric car can vary depending on where and when you charge.
In his latest video, Rory breaks down the maths behind charging an electric car at home and using the public network. How does it compare to a petrol equivalent vehicle? You may be rather surprised. Then, Rory look at how a new electric car (with improved batteries) compares in terms of cost, battery life and performance. Watch and let us know what you think in the comments. Learnt something new from the video? Subscribe to Free Trader UK’s YouTube channel for more electric car insight, explainers and reviews.
Watch part one: I bought the cheapest electric car on Free Trader UK!
In the first part of a new series, Rory Reid buys the cheapest electric car on Free Trader UK – a Nissan Leaf available for under five grand.
With fuel shortages, emission control zones and ever-present environmental concerns, will this be the perfect time to make the jump to electric on the cheap? If you’re looking the make the switch and buy electric, Free Trader UK will help make finding your next vehicle easier than ever. Compare expert car reviews and recommendations, and get inspired on our official YouTube channel.
Watch part two: Are used electric cars a bad idea?
Rory’s bought the cheapest used electric car on Free Trader UK – but does he have buyer’s remorse? Get a full tour of the Nissan Leaf and join Rory on his first drive as he tackles the biggest questions – including whether the battery life of used cars is up to scratch.
Hit play for the full video, and subscribe on YouTube for the next instalment.
Watch part three:
Rory takes the cheapest Nissan Leaf on Free Trader UK for an extended drive to see how far it'll go on its ageing battery pack, and discovers exactly what happens when an electric car runs out of battery!
Find out how eco mode ekes out a few more miles, how heating and air con can affect mileage, and how the lifespan of new electric cars battery compares to older models. Then, find out what happens when Rory runs the battery to flat – how far will the Nissan Leaf actually go on a single charge? Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for the next instalment and more electric car explainers, guides and reviews.

Ready to make the switch?

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