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  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles - your questions answered

    Discover whether a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle would be suitable for your lifestyle and needs

    Guide 2 months ago

  • What to look for in a PCP deal

    The PCP – or Personal Contract Purchase – is a very popular way of buying a new car. Here are some of the best cars you can buy on a PCP deal.

    Guide 6 months ago

  • Returning A Car: Your Rights If Something Is Wrong With Your Car

    If you need to return a car you’ve bought, these Statutory rights should help you work out how best to approach it.

    Guide 7 months ago

  • Buying a car online: top tips and advice

    Follow these easy steps for help buying a new car online

    Guide 8 months ago

  • APR and flat rate interest explained

    Your guide to what APR interest rates mean for car buyers, what a good APR rate looks like, and how to find good deals on car finance interest rates.

    Guide 10 months ago

  • Leasing an electric car

    Electric car leases are a great way to get to know the new technology set to dominate our roads from 2030. Interested? Here’s your starter guide to...

    Guide 11 months ago

  • What is Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)?

    PCP is one of the most popular types of car finance. Find out if you’re eligible, what you’ll be paying back each month and how to get great PCP...

    Guide 11 months ago

  • What is Hire Purchase (HP)?

    With Hire Purchase, you can buy a new or used car in monthly instalments. Would this work for you? Our guide looks at the total cost, pros and cons,...

    Guide 11 months ago

  • PCP vs HP: Which is right for me?

    Looking to buy a car on finance? Here, we compare the two most popular options: Hire Purchase (HP) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) on cost,...

    Guide 11 months ago

  • Car leasing in lockdown 2021

    How to apply for a new car lease or amend your existing contract in lockdown, and what to do if your car lease contract is due to end.

    Guide 11 months ago

  • Buying a car using a credit card 2021

    We look at your options when it comes to buying a new car using a credit card, and whether it's worth considering.

    Guide 11 months ago

  • Full guide on learning to drive

    Driving on your own for the first time is a fantastic feeling, but the first step to freedom is learning to drive and tearing up those 'L' plates....

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Driving theory test guide

    Find out everything you need to know about your driving theory test: from how it works, to what you can expect, what you must do, and tips to help...

    Guide 1 year ago

  • A complete guide on practical driving test

    The practical driving test is a chance for you to show off your driving skills on the road. But before you do so, find out everything you need to...

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Cars with cheap insurance

    Find the cheapest cars in insure on Free Trader UK. Our experts choose the best cars from cheap insurance groups for 2021 – ideal for new drivers...

    Guide 1 year ago

  • PCP vs PCH: Which is right for me?

    When it comes to making monthly payments for a vehicle, the most popular options are PCP and PCH (car leasing). Here, we look at the details of each...

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Bad credit and car finance

    Bad credit doesn’t prevent you getting car finance. Here, we look at your car finance and leasing options if you have a bad credit rating.

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Car insurance policies

    What does car insurance actually cover? That all depends on the policy you get. Let's take a look at the different car insurance policies available,...

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Returning a lease car

    Complete guide to returning your lease car. Find out how to check for damage, what repairs you’re liable for, what paperwork you’ll need and where...

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Applying for a car lease

    Thinking of leasing a new car? Find out what paperwork you'll need, how to fill in a finance form, how to arrange delivery and more.

    Guide 1 year ago

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