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World EV Day

We’re celebrating World EV Day with games and giveaways, and more ways than ever for you to find the right electric car for you.

This year, we have partnered with World EV Day to encourage automotive and energy businesses to show how they will help people #DriveChange to electric.
On 9th September 2021, we’ll celebrate World EV Day by launching our new Electric Metrics games, and sharing the Go Electric pledge.

Which electric car is right for me?

We’re launching a new “Electric Metrics” Game, where you can pit popular electric cars against each other to find out which has the best range, acceleration and speed… plus more!
Play the game.

Choosing an electric car

There are still a lot of questions about electric cars, but fortunately the answers keep getting better.
• Range is constantly improving, meaning you can travel further on a single charge. Learn more about electric car range. • Charging times are getting shorter, meaning longer journeys are getting easier to plan. Learn more about batteries and charging times. • The number of charging points continues to increase, so you’re unlikely to be left stranded at this point. Learn more about public charging points. • Charging from home continues to be the cheapest way to fuel a vehicles, and further benefits from energy providers offering deals for car chargers. Learn more about charging from home. • Perks like zero tax, free access to low emission zones and clean air zones remain – and as the UK introduces more clean air zones this could grow into a serious money saver for motorists. Discover the true cost of electric cars.

Go EV pledge

You can take the official pledge on World EV Day’s site:
“For World EV Day on 9th September, commit to cleaner air, lower emissions, and a more sustainable future. We're asking customers and businesses alike to sign our pledge to make their next car or business fleet electric.” Take the pledge, and learn more about World EV Day on the official site:

Enter the Electric Car Giveaway

We're giving away a brand new electric car every month. To find out which car you could win and how to enter, head over to the Electric Car Giveaway now.

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