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Who is CarGurus?

CarGurus is a US-based business that was founded in 2006 by Langley Steinert, co-founder of TripAdvisor, as an automotive blog for consumers to review cars or ask questions. It now runs as an advertising platform for used and approved used cars. CarGurus started expanding internationally in 2014 and launched in the UK in December 2016.
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How is CarGurus different to Free Trader UK?

CarGurus offers more than 80 car brands including Audi, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Vauxhall and Volkswagen. Free Trader UK have over 100 car brands for you to choose from.

Free Trader UK

Free Trader UK lets you buy or sell used, approved-used and brand-new cars, along with bikes, motorhomes, caravans, trucks, plant and farm machinery. Free Trader UK lets you browse deals nationwide.


CarGurus provides a variety of used and approved-used to choose from. If you’re looking to sell your car, CarGurus sends you to their partner site at Pistonheads. CarGurus show deals within a 150-mile radius.

Finding the best deal

CarGurus ranks their search results by “best deal” sorted by an algorithm, which is based on CarGurus’ own instant market value alongside dealership ratings submitted by site users.

On Free Trader UK, you can choose which criteria matter to you most by selecting from a range of filters available.

Choice of stock

CarGurus UK lists used and approved used cars, vans and trucks on their site.

In addition to used and approved used cars, Free Trader UK also stock new cars, bikes, motorhomes and caravans, trucks, and plant and farm machinery. We also offer car leasing, PCP and HP deals.

Free Trader UK

Vehicles type
Finance available
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Vehicles type
Finance available
Trade sellers
Private sellers

Valuing your car

CarGurus offers a car valuation tool that is based on their instant market value, which compares data points including make, model, trim and year to estimate a fair retail price.

Free Trader UK offer a free online car valuation to help buyers understand how much their car is worth.

Free Trader UK’s free car valuations are 100% data-driven, powered by thousands of data points including over 3,500 dealer websites, adverts listed on our site, and values from major auctions, ex-fleet and lease cars. We use data from different sources to ensure we’re providing an accurate reflection of the market and getting the fairest price point for those buying or selling a car. CarGurus’ instant market value is based on other used cars listed on its site.

Checking vehicle history

CarGurus offers AutoCheck from Experian on car listings to check a vehicle’s history, with prices starting at £14.95.

Every car listed on Free Trader UK has a basic vehicle check before it goes live to make sure it hasn’t been recorded as stolen, scrapped, imported, exported, or written off.

On Free Trader UK, all cars go through a five-point vehicle check before they’re listed on our site. We encourage retailers and private sellers listing their cars to conduct and display a full history check. This gives information on outstanding finance, recorded mileage and more. Before you buy a vehicle, you also have the option to sign up for a full vehicle check, which comes with a data guarantee of up to £30,000 for complete peace of mind.

Saving and comparing adverts

You can save searches on both CarGurus and Free Trader UK.

On Free Trader UK, you can save and compare up to four cars without an account. If you have an Free Trader UK account, you can save and compare as many as you like!

How do we compare?

How do we stack up against other automotive websites?

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Who are Free Trader UK?

Offering used cars from private sellers and trusted UK dealerships, brand new cars and more, Free Trader UK have over 40 years of experience as the UK’s largest automotive marketplace.

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