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What is We Buy Any Car?

We Buy Any Car was founded by brothers - Darren and Noel McKee. The online car buying service was set-up in 2006. It operates under BCA, its parent company, and in 2019 it was bought by the private equity firm TDR Capital. We Buy Any Car uses an online valuation tool to tell you how much it’s willing to pay for your car followed by an on-site inspection and test drive, after which the final valuation price may change.
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How is We Buy Any Car different to Free Trader UK?

We Buy Any Car has more than 350 branches that you can visit for in-person inspection and test drive, after which you can give your car in.

With Free Trader UK’s Instant Offer, our representative comes to your house or office to check and buy your car, and pay you the final valuation price.

Free Trader UK

Free Trader UK provide the option to sell your car instantly through Instant Offer for free. You can also buy and sell your car, find leasing, PCP or HP deals, or part-exchange your car.

We Buy Any Car

We Buy Any Car buys cars for cash, to help you sell your car as soon as possible. A transaction fee is applicable. Unlike Free Trader UK, We Buy Any Car only allows you to sell your car at the fixed price valued by them.

Finding the best deal

Both We Buy Any Car and Free Trader UK provide you with a price valuation for your car you want to sell.

To sell your car with We Buy Any Car, you need to get an instant valuation from their site. This valuation price is fixed and takes the car’s market value, demand and seasonality into consideration.

Instant Offer?

Free Trader UK’s Instant Offer service uses an online appraisal form that gives the seller the freedom to provide as much detail as they can about any interior and exterior damage to get an accurate quote, which is valid for seven days. Our valuations are 100% data-driven – we use data collected from the 800,000 adverts and 3,500+ dealers on our website to provide a fair price.

Choice of stock

We Buy Any Car buys any type of car that you need to sell.

Free Trader UK’s stock includes used cars, approved used cars and new cars that are available to buy outright, or with options like car leasing, personal contract purchase (PCP) and hire purchase (HP) deals.

Free Trader UK

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Valuing your car

Both We Buy Any Car and Free Trader UK provide a free online car valuation to sellers.

For your car’s valuation, We Buy Any Car asks for a specific set of information while Free Trader UK allow you to provide as much detail as you like.

Checking vehicle history

An in-person check is done to check your car’s condition and its background information provided by you.

We Buy Any Car inspects the car at one of their car buying centres. With We Buy Any Car, you need to arrange bringing the car down to their inspection centre.

Also, once the sale is done, you need to arrange your return journey home.

Free Trader UK offer an in-person check and sale of the car from the comfort of your own house or office. Free Trader UK’s in-person inspection makes it easy to sell non-runner or SORN cars, and provide added convenience for you as a seller. During an in-person check, all related documents are checked followed by a test-drive.


We Buy Any Car focuses solely on buying cars and buys thousands of cars through their platform every single week.

Free Trader UK aim at offering everyone trust and transparency when buying or selling a car. We are working towards making the automotive industry more accessible and exciting by offering vehicles beyond just cars such as vans, bikes, trucks, caravans, and services beyond just buying and selling like guaranteed part-exchange and car leasing.
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Once the deal is done, We Buy Any Car transfers the money to the seller via standard electronic bank transfer service within four days.

If the seller wants to receive the money by the next working day, We Buy Any Car charges an additional fee of £24.75, or £29.75 for same day payments.

Free Trader UK benefits

At Free Trader UK, we send our customers a secure link via Manheim once they’re ready to sell. The money is usually transferred instantly to their bank account, and always via a secure system, and the payment is made the same day at no additional cost.

How do we compare?

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Offering used cars from private sellers and trusted UK dealerships, brand new cars and more, Free Trader UK have over 40 years of experience as the UK’s largest automotive marketplace.

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